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Following your Permanent Cosmetics procedure, you will receive an aftercare pack with written instructions for the aftercare of your specific treatment, as well as any complimentary aftercare products to help you care for your enhancement at home.

We will go through the aftercare that is written so you understand how to take care of the area. Over the next few days maintain hygiene and apply the cream after washing your face or having a shower.

Aftercare for 14 days - avoid: 

Over the next 14 days please avoid touching the area and getting the area wet at all times even when washing your face, avoid all creams (except the cream provided), avoid make up on or around the area (foundation), avoid workouts that include sweating (sports, baths, gym, sauna and steam room). Itching and flaking will appear please do not pick or itch the area this will result in scarring and lost pigment and therefore more than 1 top up session will be needed, this will be charged.

Aftercare 30 days - avoid:

Over the next 30 days please avoid using creams that contain retinol, microdermabrasion treatment near the area, chemical peels, acidic cream and serums, fruit acids, fake tan or face scrubs around the area.

Aftercare - always:

To maintain colour and shape and to ensure your treatment lasts the longest possible time always apply SPF and avoid using sunbeds or at least cover the area. Sun treatments dramatically reduces the lifetime of your semi permanent procedure and therefore will result in more frequent top up sessions. Avoid laser treatments on the area as this will lead to the pigment fading.

Maintaining good aftercare following your procedure will help with the longevity of your cosmetic treatment and the appearance so it is always advisable you look after your cosmetic procedure. Then you can enjoy waking up with make up looks that last 24/7!

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