Please check the am I suitable section before booking a slimming or toning treatment:


Body and RF skin treatments are NOT SUITABLE for people with:


*Poor circulation


*Alcohol or drug abuse

*Heart conditions



*Pregnancy and immediately after pregnancy (3 months natural birth and 6 months c-section)

&High Chloesterol

*Kidney problems

*Liver disease

*HIV or Aids

*Under the age of 18

*People with electrical devices (pacemakers, hip joints, heart valves, dental plates)

*Had an​ operation within 6 months

*Have cancer or undergoing chemotherapy treatment 

*Keloid scarring


Doctors note is required for:


*Severe skin disorders

*High or low blood pressure (if long term over 12 months)

*Diabetes type 1 (Type 2 is ok)

*Recovery after cancer 12 months off medication and GP approval

*Thyroid disease or hormonal disorders (If long term over 12 months)

*Medication that affects the liver