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Cosmetic Tattooing (also known as Permanent Make Up) is successfully undertaken by people who would like to enhance their natural beauty, creating perfect make up looks that will last 24/7. 

Pigment is carefully added on the first procedure and then adjusted and completed in a second top up session, which is undertaken 4-12 weeks after allowing the colour to settle and the skin to fully heal.

Please note you will usually need a second top up session for permanent make up and it is your responsibility to make sure this is booked in before the 12 weeks - we advise booking the second procedure online or in the shop on the day of your first procedure.


We are permanent make up specialists trained by some of the best trainers in the world and we pride ourselves in offering the best services, offering advanced techniques and using state-of-art digital equipment, designed specifically for the cosmetic market.




Using a state-of-art digital machine designed specifically for the cosmetic market, the machine method is great for all skin types and is great for creating natural hair stroke brows, powder brows, eyeliner and lip treatments. It is ideal for advanced cosmetic procedures like the ombre lips and ombre brows.


The microblading technique uses a superfine row of nano needles which are used to create natural hair strokes. It is ideal for creating a very natural and realistic looking brow and has become one of the most popular methods in permanent makeup.


This is an ideal procedure for those who would like to enhance their natural brows, to help with years of over plucking or even due to medical reasons such as alopecia. 


Choose between the soft textured powdered look (similar to a soft make up look) or the natural hair stroke brow look using the microblade method (the most natural brow) or even go for a blend of techniques like the combination brow which is becoming one of the most popular techniques which combine microblade and digital machine method. There is a brow for everyone! If you are unsure book a consultation or send a photo for an instant response and recommendation!


For a subtle ‘barely there’ look, a Lash Line enhancement will discreetly define and frame your eyes. The eyelash tattoo treatment implants pigment in-between the lashes along the lash line and is an amazing 'eye opener'. Even without wearing makeup it can create a thicker, fuller illusion of lashes.

For a more defined liner, an Eyeliner tattoo will enhance the colour, size and shape of your eyes. Choose an Eyeliner of your desired thickness (up to medium thickness), it is then beautifully drawn adjacent to the lash line.


Choose between a subtle lip liner which will gently define and enhance the natural shape of your lips or lip blush which will provide a soft sheen of colour for a natural gloss appearance or you can choose full lip colour which imitates the appearance of a soft lipstick application.


Your lips will look fuller and more shapely with any lip treatment, ensuring you have perfect lips at all times, whilst creating gorgeous lip-fullness – just add gloss and go! Great alternative to filler treatments or for people who have lost pigment in the lips due to filler or natural pigment lost.


The day of your Permanent Cosmetics treatment will start with a consultation where we will carefully analyse your features and colouring and review your requirements and expectations. Please note as patch testing is optional for permanent make up if you would like a patch test you need to pop into the shop at least 24 hours before your appointment.


Topical numbing agents are applied to the procedure area beforehand and throughout the treatment keeping you completely comfortable for the entire duration. We will test suitable pigment colours for your skin and draw on your template. Once we are fully satisfied with the template we will proceed with the procedure.


Immediately following the procedure the enhancement may display mild redness and occasionally a slight localised swelling. This should go down within 24 hours. The initial procedure will be more enhanced and prominent however the colour will lighten and fade down to your desired look.  The colour of the pigment will appear much darker the next day. The healing process normally takes 4 weeks and it is only then that we can assess your cosmetic procedure and make any improvements on your top up session which is due 4 - 12 weeks after the first procedure.


A complimentary aftercare kit is provided on the day of your first procedure with a guide to help you look after your enhancement.​ You then follow the same aftercare each time you have the procedure done.


A top up is required 4-12 weeks after your first session and then recommended once every 6 – 24 months (depending on your skin type, medication and lifestyle factors) to help keep your Permanent Make Up enhancement looking fresh and beautiful!

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